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Our ongoing market research and data procurement is a 24/7 endeavor at JetSwiss. Tracking the global Pilatus market, as well as historical sales data, provides our client base with the necessary information to navigate important decision making.  We’ve designed a proprietary analysis dashboard which provides us with the ability to assess aircraft market value, and to comprehensively analyze current and historical sales trends.

Pilatus Aircraft Evaluation

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Let our team of experts provide you with a detailed aircraft evaluation, backed by real time Pilatus market data.

What’s My Pilatus Worth?

Strong Residual Value

Due to the high level of pre-planning and parts procurement, Pilatus Aircraft must plan production well in advance. This translates into ultra conservative estimates in consumer demand, whereby the factory can be assured production completion levels and management places very low risk, if any, on world wide sales outcomes.

Strong demand across the board and high resale values has been the backbone of the PC-12 program since inception.

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Hear from our buyers and sellers

"JetSwiss helped guide me to a better plane. In the end, the acquisition fee was well covered by what they saved me."

Billy E., President of Elliott Electric Supply, Inc.

Elliott Electric Supply, Inc.

"JetSwiss knew the market hands down. They took care of everything. In the end, their fee was more than covered by the savings and value they provided."

Bob M., Retired CEO

"Hiring JetSwiss to sell my plane took 98% of the work off my plate. I've taken great comfort in knowing they are on my team now and in the future."

Bruce O., CEO

"I hired JetSwiss because of Don's Pilatus experience. He has a remarkable understanding of the Pilatus aircraft market and genuinely wants people to love his service. The JetSwiss team worked around the clock to make sure I had the deal and plane that worked for me."

David R., Founder OJO Labs, Inc.

OJO Labs, Inc.

"Initially, we connected because of our Midwest values and energy levels. Don gets things done. I wouldn't have purchased six planes from him if I didn't trust him."

Jeff K., CEO Packer Sanitation & Supply, Inc.

Packer Sanitation & Supply, Inc.