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As a boutique Pilatus aircraft firm, we specialize in buying, selling, and operating Pilatus PC-12s for clients around the world. Sharing our knowledge and love of this unique, handmade Swiss aircraft is our greatest passion.


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JetSwiss assists clients in addressing all the ancillary topics of Pilatus ownership and operations.

From Training, Operations, Legal, Insurance, Financial, and Tax aspects, our “TO LIFT” approach establishes an all-encompassing structure our clients can trust. Our relationships and knowledge in the industry allows us to provide the necessary framework to ensure our clients’ success.

What We Do

Who We Are

JetSwiss Aviation has earned the respect of the global Pilatus community by living and breathing Pilatus since the first PC-12 took flight.

We are proud to specialize in this exceptional aircraft and to help pilots, executives, and aircraft enthusiasts gain the most value and enjoyment from Pilatus ownership.

Who We Are

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Besides connecting pre-owned Pilatus aircraft buyers and sellers, we are also the best source of industry news, market data, and endless information about Pilatus ownership, operations, and maintenance.

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Hear from our buyers and sellers

"JetSwiss helped guide me to a better plane. In the end, the acquisition fee was well covered by what they saved me."

Billy E., President of Elliott Electric Supply, Inc.

Elliott Electric Supply, Inc.

"JetSwiss knew the market hands down. They took care of everything. In the end, their fee was more than covered by the savings and value they provided."

Bob M., Retired CEO

"Hiring JetSwiss to sell my plane took 98% of the work off my plate. I've taken great comfort in knowing they are on my team now and in the future."

Bruce O., CEO

"I hired JetSwiss because of Don's Pilatus experience. He has a remarkable understanding of the Pilatus aircraft market and genuinely wants people to love his service. The JetSwiss team worked around the clock to make sure I had the deal and plane that worked for me."

David R., Founder OJO Labs, Inc.

OJO Labs, Inc.

"Initially, we connected because of our Midwest values and energy levels. Don gets things done. I wouldn't have purchased six planes from him if I didn't trust him."

Jeff K., CEO Packer Sanitation & Supply, Inc.

Packer Sanitation & Supply, Inc.

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