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The JetSwiss Pilatus Acquisition Experience

Because it's more than buying a plane

Looking for a pre-owned PC-12 or PC-24? Have a specific model in mind but can’t seem to find it? We have our ear to the ground and eyes on the skies. In fact, 65% of JetSwiss projects are private sale. Our network of Pilatus-loving people can help you get flying faster—with less risk, and less hassle.



Meet the Pilatus Pre-owned Experts


Pilatus Pre-owned Buyer’s guide

Based on decades of experience and hundreds of aircraft, the JetSwiss team has put together a comprehensive overview of to-dos before purchasing a used Pilatus PC-12 aircraft. This overview will help you think beyond surfing the web for pretty planes and put you on the road to pre-owned Pilatus ownership.


Everything it Takes TO LIFT Your Pilatus

Unlike traditional aircraft brokers, we don’t bail on you when the ink dries. We’re here to help with everything it takes “TO LIFT” your Pilatus.

  • Training
  • Operations
  • Legal
  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Taxes

Helping with Everything it takes "TO LIFT" your Pilatus


No matter the experience you or your pilot may have, operative a highly complex multi-million dollar asset should be given the respect it deserves. There are various training providers and mentor pilots that we have experience with. Our team can assist you in navigating your options and selecting what is best for you based on insurance, costs, timing, and most importantly, common sense.


Our intimate knowledge of the aircraft ensures that no matter what aspect of Pilatus operations you need assistance with, we have the knowledge and resources. Through our network and experience, we help you navigate various topics such as: sourcing a pilot, management company, charter operator, or even the best FBO/hangar source. Every ownership experience is unique and through our network, we will provide the best solutions.


There are a lot of aspects to an aircraft purchase agreement, as well as the ownership structure. As an example, you could set up a legal entity to own an airplane and operate it illegally without even knowing it. At JetSwiss, we use aviation specific attorneys that have the knowledge and experience to navigate the landmines, protecting our clients now and in the future.


When it comes to insurance, we dive into the details early in the process and often. A lot of the insurance requirements center around the pilot’s experience. We assist our clients in navigating the complexities of the insurance markets and understanding where the opportunity cost/benefit scale meets risk/liability.


Whether you are paying cash, leasing the aircraft, or taking on debt, knowing and understanding your options and pitfalls will allow you to make the best decision. We aid you in navigating the lending process by recommending only those lenders that have been vetted and have experience in the Pilatus markets.


Navigating the complexities of federal, state, and local tax regulations can be the difference between costing you a lot of money or saving you a lot of money. Proper tax planning is essential to a positive ownership experience. JetSwiss partners with only the finest aviation specific tax consultants to minimize the impact of aircraft ownership.

The Pilatus Acquisition Experts.

JetSwiss is the industry leader when it comes to pre-owned Pilatus Aircraft. Averaging over 15 Pilatus projects a year, we know the market, the buyers, and the sellers. We have over 20 years of Pilatus experience which assists our acquisition clients in navigating the marketplace, understanding the maintenance events, and handling the complexities surrounding the acquisition of a multi-million dollar asset.




Pilatus Manuals & Operational Instruction Booklets


Maintenance Service Bulletins and Product Improvements Since 1994


Pages in Pilatus Warranty and NavData Subscription Agreements


Pages in the Pilatus Maintenance Manual


Pages in an Average Aircraft Purchase Agreement


Different CD's of Data, Documentation, Software, for a PC-12


of PC-12 Variants (Lineage) since 1994

And our expertise

encompasses every single one.

JetSwiss Aviation has earned the respect of the global Pilatus community by living and breathing Pilatus since the beginning. We guarantee that your experience, process, and satisfaction will be directly impacted by our in-depth knowledge of these numbers.

How to Minimize Risk on a Pre-Owned Aircraft

Many people believe buying a used airplane is like buying any used vehicle. Wrong. With safety requirements, insurance, specialized maintenance and business intricacies in the mix, there is a lot of room for things to slip through the cracks. And those cracks can mean big dollars in the aviation world. JetSwiss is here to help you navigate those details.

BYE, Bye brokerville

What makes JetSwiss different? Pre-owned Pilatus is our specialty. We have seen more pre-owned PC-12 projects than anyone else in the world. Unlike other brokers, who shove their latest deal in your face, we know there is always another aircraft. We treat every project as if you were family. Finding an aircraft that meets all your needs and budget is an obvious goal. Holding your hand through the intricacies of setting up a business, navigating risk and insurance, details of maintenance and test flights is a huge benefit of working with the Pilatus experts at JetSwiss.

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"JetSwiss helped guide me to a better plane. In the end, the acquisition fee was well covered by what they saved me."

Billy E., President of Elliott Electric Supply, Inc.

Elliott Electric Supply, Inc.

"JetSwiss knew the market hands down. They took care of everything. In the end, their fee was more than covered by the savings and value they provided."

Bob M., Retired CEO

"Initially, we connected because of our Midwest values and energy levels. Don gets things done. I wouldn't have purchased six planes from him if I didn't trust him."

Jeff K., CEO Packer Sanitation & Supply, Inc.

Packer Sanitation & Supply, Inc.

"I hired JetSwiss because of Don's Pilatus experience. He has a remarkable understanding of the Pilatus aircraft market and genuinely wants people to love his service. The JetSwiss team worked around the clock to make sure I had the deal and plane that worked for me."

David R., Founder OJO Labs, Inc.

OJO Labs, Inc.