Meet the Team

Pilatus Expert JetSwiss Loran Lonergran

Loran Lonergan

Office Manager

A native of Kansas City, Loran started her career in the hospitality industry. Fittingly, she’s spent her entire career working directly with people and organizations in various “difference maker” roles. From accounting to customer service, or managing an entire corporate department, Loran’s experience is summarized by her 100% commitment to impacting those around her.

Other interesting facts about Loran:

  • Married mother of six
  • Enjoys volleyball, biking, and music
  • Worked with special needs kids in a foster care program
  • What energizes Loran: making people happy and being organized
Pilatus Expert JetSwiss Scott Glenn

Scott Glenn

Sales Director

Born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, Scott has been surrounded by airplanes in one shape or another his entire life. He has spent over a decade in the aircraft sales industry traveling the globe and living abroad. If you don’t find Scott at the local FBO, he’s either at the JetSwiss headquarters or on the golf course.

Other interesting facts about Scott:

  • Private Pilot, turning a passion and hobby into a career.
  • Played golf at the Division 1 collegiate level.
  • “Girl Dad” – Proud father of two girls
  • What energizes Scott: The process.

Diana Smotherman

Client Relations Manager

Diana entered general aviation almost 20 years ago where her affection for Pilatus Aircraft was born. Most of those years were spent within a Pilatus Sales Center where she was involved in the day-to-day sales and delivery process. Coordinating and Client Relations are Diana’s strong suit, from assisting buyers in selecting specifications to strategically walking clients through the sales transaction. Diana is married and has two beautiful daughters. She enjoys traveling in her RV, and spending time outdoors and on the beach.

Other interesting facts about Diana:

  • Coached competitive gymnastics for 10 years.
  • Would rather drive than fly.
  • Enjoys volunteering and giving back to the community
  • What energizes Diana: The relationships developed and observing the clients’ excitement on delivery day
Pilatus Expert Jet Swiss Scott Patrick

Scott Patrick

Director of Operations / Chief Pilot

Scott Patrick was born and raised in Iowa. Scott’s love for flying emerged at an early age as he grew up near the local airport and his father was part owner of a Cessna 172.  He started his training at the local college 141 school where he also instructed.  His aviation experience includes air ambulance, charter operations, and corporate aviation.  Scott enjoys watching action movies with his son, wife, and pups.

Other interesting facts about Scott:

  • ATP/CFI/CFII/MEI CE525s, CE510s, CE500 type ratings
  • Love of the outdoors and shooting sports
  • Likes doing “projects” around the house
  • What energizes Scott:  Helping others

Claire Harrison

Director of Marketing

Claire has been in marketing for over a decade—helping build brands in everything from food, to fashion, to finance… and now flying! Claire did a few short stints in Costa Rica, Italy and Chicago but ultimately landed in Kansas City just blocks from where she was raised. Today, she’s loving the juggle of renovating a 100-year-old home and corralling the wild animals in her life (a dog, a husband and two boys).

Other interesting facts about Claire…

  • The letters in her name are the same as the other member of our marketing team.
  • Hobbies include antiquing and building apps.
  • Currently learning how to play golf but hasn’t finished more than 4 holes.

Carlie Koziol

Marketing Coordinator - Digital and Creative

Born and raised in Olathe, Kansas, Carlie has not flown far from the nest. Carlie graduated from the University of Kansas during the pandemic’s peak in 2020 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Strategic Communications and a minor in Italian. Fortunately, the cool little company that she interned for asked for her back as the marketing coordinator and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Carlie is excited to learn more about aviation and is looking forward to the adventures it brings about.

Other interesting facts about Carlie:

    • Enjoys painting and redoing furniture.
    • Likes dogs more than the average human.
    • What energizes Carlie: Creativity and collaboration.

Gage Palmer


Gage was born and raised in Kansas. Gage followed in his grandfather’s footsteps who flew KC-135s for the 190th Air National Guard Refueling unit and was a captain for United Airlines. Gage studied at Embry-Riddle where he received his Aeronautical Science degree with a minor in business. He accepted an internship for a family flying a Hawker in 2013 and has been flying corporate ever since.

Other interesting facts about Gage:

  • Flown Hawkers, Beachjets, King Airs, and Citations
  • Hobbies include boating and working out
  • Played MLS junior team “The Kansas City Wizards”
  • What energizes Gage: Making people smile