JetSwiss Pilatus Operations


Operations could be something as simple as figuring out where to base the aircraft. Do I base it at this airport that is really close to my house or do I base it at this airport that is really close to my office? Is there fuel at this airport? Is there deicing at this airport? What kind of navigational equipment do I have at this airport? Can I shoot approaches at this airport? Am I in a community hangar at this airport over here versus being at a private hangar etc. Let me tell you, being a good steward and fiduciary in the corner of our clients from an operational standpoint is paramount to their happiness picture. Many times, we have seen clients place an airplane at the wrong airport that was maybe close to their pilots’ home base and then they had to reposition the airplane every time they flew the airplane. It can be kind of complex. We have even helped people design their hangars before. That is a fun project. A lot of it involves many years in aviation and flying and operational experience. You know, where do I put my ground power unit receptacle? Here in our hangar, we put our ground power unit receptacle close to the front hangar door. We want to be able to take our ground power unit and extend it onto the ramp to start aircraft, run environmental systems, etc. Just little details like that are great examples of operations and the things we jump into at JetSwiss.