JetSwiss Pilatus Finance


Finance is a straightforward topic. When you talk about contracts, small print, and terms and conditions for financing, we all know how to speak Latin in the world of finance—Large print giveith, small print takeith away. It is not always that case though. We have some great partnerships with excellent lenders that are very Pilatus-promoting folks. They understand the value and residual value of the asset. So financing can be a smooth process if you do like your mom told you when you were a little kid—follow directions and have all of your I’s dotted and T’s crossed. Let’s get stuff done early if we need to. The other factors that can affect financing are whether you put it on a charter certificate or not, where you base the aircraft, and sometimes they will even ask you whether you are going in and out of dirt strips, etc. But the financing piece is straightforward. We don’t really see a lot of boog-a-bros with the process in terms of financing. Quite frankly, over 65% of our projects involve cash so financing is part of our projects. Financing is hiring an electrician to perform electrical work in your house and not a plumber. When we are talking about financing, we want Pilatus-specific lenders that are very comfortable and experienced in dealing with Pilatus aircraft. That is finance.