3-Green Aviation – Expert PC-12 Training


Shane Jordan and Jed Johnson have been involved with Pilatus since the beginning. Jed joined Pilatus in 1997 and Shane in 2020.

How 3 Green Aviation was founded

After four years with Pilatus, the desire to raise a family away from Denver took precedence, prompting the change from demonstration pilot to corporate and mentor pilot. Post simulator training requirements often dictated time in the aircraft with a qualified pilot. Many clients liked Shane’s teaching style and patience which lead to numerous requests for Insurance Approved Initial and Recurrent training. The name “Shane Jordan Pilot Services” was changed to “3-Green Aviation, LLC” and a new career path began. How 3-Green Aviation was founded.2000. They each took separate career paths that exclusively involved Pilatus aircraft in different capacities. Still, their loyalties remained with Pilatus, a plane that has an incredible impact on corporate aviation. In 2020, they embraced the opportunity to join forces and combine our collective talents under one roof, 3-Green Aviation, LLC.

Since 2011, Shane has provided hundreds of initial and recurrent classes (approximately 50+ per year). Focused solely on the PC-12 and its pilots. 3-Green Aviation’s reputation and testimonies tell a tale of practical and meaningful training. In late 2020, Shane earned his single-pilot Pilatus PC-24 type rating and is excited to offer pilot services in this new capacity.


For more information, please visit https://3greenaviation.com/