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JetSwiss Aviation specializes in

sales, acquisitions, management, and operations of pre-owned Pilatus aircraft

We are here for you and everything surrounding Pilatus ownership—from training to taxes and beyond. We invite you to learn more about what JetSwiss can do for your unique Pilatus aircraft needs.

What We Do


We have established a global network of Pilatus owners, pilots, operators, and dealers to create an organic landscape of potential buyers. Our customers find we save them valuable time and money through the sales process.


No two Pilatus acquisitions are alike. Our team puts our extensive experience and relationships in the global Pilatus network to address every aspect of Pilatus ownership—now and in the future—with buyers.


Let JetSwiss be your trusted partner in navigating the ins and outs of Pilatus management. We take the time to understand your unique needs and provide dedicated resources to help you make the most of Pilatus ownership.


Our intimate knowledge of this aircraft ensures that no matter what aspect of Pilatus operations you need assistance with, we are here to help. Let us help you find a pilot, locate the best hangar, and use our “TO LIFT” approach to make your ownership experience successful.

Why Choose JetSwiss

JetSwiss has earned the respect of the Pilatus community because we do things differently.

Our focus has always been on doing things and treating our customers the right way rather than the easy way. When you work with JetSwiss, you find that we do not take the path of least resistance. Instead, we work tirelessly to ensure you get the best value out of your experience with us, whether you’re a pilot, operator, or an executive.

Why We Do It

At JetSwiss Aviation, we seek to extend the core philosophies found at Pilatus headquarters in Stans, Switzerland.

Every employee at the aircraft manufacturing facility is dedicated to making the Pilatus experience the best in private aircraft ownership. They truly care about their families, culture, products, and customers, and it shows in every aspect of their work.

These Swiss principles, paired with our passion for sharing our love of Pilatus aircraft is the heart and soul of JetSwiss Aviation.

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You’ve achieved a lifetime of success by surrounding yourself with the best resources and partnerships.

Let JetSwiss Aviation serve as your trusted partner in your Pilatus purchasing, selling, managing, or operating journey.

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"JetSwiss helped guide me to a better plane. In the end, the acquisition fee was well covered by what they saved me."

Billy E., President of Elliott Electric Supply, Inc.

Elliott Electric Supply, Inc.

"JetSwiss knew the market hands down. They took care of everything. In the end, their fee was more than covered by the savings and value they provided."

Bob M., Retired CEO

"Hiring JetSwiss to sell my plane took 98% of the work off my plate. I've taken great comfort in knowing they are on my team now and in the future."

Bruce O., CEO

"I hired JetSwiss because of Don's Pilatus experience. He has a remarkable understanding of the Pilatus aircraft market and genuinely wants people to love his service. The JetSwiss team worked around the clock to make sure I had the deal and plane that worked for me."

David R., Founder OJO Labs, Inc.

OJO Labs, Inc.

"Initially, we connected because of our Midwest values and energy levels. Don gets things done. I wouldn't have purchased six planes from him if I didn't trust him."

Jeff K., CEO Packer Sanitation & Supply, Inc.

Packer Sanitation & Supply, Inc.