JetSwiss Pilatus Insurance


Insurance in today’s world is a booger—and that is a technical phrase for booger. It can be complex. It can be a risk-reward endeavor. It can be, I do this training, I have this pilot with this experience, I get this much liability insurance, I have this many training requirements. It is an X Y axis with a couple of different lines crisscrossing on risk-reward. So, you must have a good high working knowledge of the entire landscape for insurance. There are smart things you can do and there are stupid things you could do with insurance. A lot of our process with our clients is to educate them on the dos and don’ts specific to their project or their pilot’s experience. Insurance plays a huge role in that. We do not want to see our high-net-worth clients fly off into the air not properly insured. Someone needs to be able to know, ‘hey that is not ok, that is ok, why are we insuring it for that level? It should be insured for this amount, etc.’ We are pretty engaged with our clients’ pre and post-delivery. Insurance is one of those topics that make sense for us to kind of be on the ball for our clients.