JetSwiss Pilatus Legal



Legal involves a wide range and frame of reference from our own internal sources. Our admin and relations manager, Diana, is like an in-house escrow agent. She has been through so many different contracts. Myself, I’ve seen a gazillion aircraft purchase agreements and understand where the “gotchas” are. Understanding from a high level—timing, calendar events, where the landmines exist in the process, and how it dovetails into a pre-purchase inspection… All those types of things with legal are critical. The important thing with legal is to have resources that are very fine-tuned, very aviation specific, and to know how to take a purchase agreement and not reinvent the wheel like a lot of attorneys will want to do. Take it, mold it, know where the landmines are, and clear those things up from a contract language standpoint. We have those folks. Ninety percent of the time we will engage them for oversight, and we will review contracts, addendums, extensions, you name it! All those things are paramount to minimizing our clients’ risk, painting the right expectations, and making it a smooth process moving forward.