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How to Buy a PC-12 Before the End of Year

Plane Sales / October 4, 2022

So, you’ve found the perfect plane (or maybe you haven’t!) and now you’re ready to launch this aircraft ‘into service’ ASAP—preferably before the holiday season, and DEFINITELY before 100% bonus depreciation runs out at the end of 2022. As the end-of-year rush sets in, it’s go time. Beyond the contract, transfer of dollars, insurance and taxes, there are many operational and technical events that can hold up the purchase process. Here are a few things to consider when buying a PC-12 in 2022.

1. Get your house in order.
There’s nothing worse than a slow back office. Especially when maintenance, contract and legal deadlines are looming. Make a calendar with key dates marking the “point of no return” and any points of financial and legal risk escalation. When the time comes, your business should be properly set up to take on ownership, your finances and insurance are in order and you have a plan for operations and/or management once the ink dries. For many of our clients, the help they need centers around what we call “TO LIFT” topics—Training, Operations, Legal, Insurance, Finance and Taxes. Do your best to address these main topic areas as best possible BEFORE you purchase.

2. Book a technical evaluation.
Many maintenance shops are swamped at the end of the year—or quite likely FULL. Finding a facility to take on a technical evaluation may be a larger challenge than you first imagined. The Pilatus Service network is a good group of technical professionals. Like any business, some do a slightly better job than others, but in the end, you’ll thank yourself for engaging these professionals if you can. JetSwiss has performed hundreds and hundreds of technical evaluations on PC-12. We’ve consulted on annual inspections for clients, and we continue this support with our clients. If you find yourself in a jam, we’re happy to help you perform an evaluation or point you in the right direction of the best way to accomplish a pre-buy inspection.

3. Use expertise to leverage the maintenance schedule.
It’s important to understand your position of strength as a buyer and at what point you have it. Use the Pilatus’ maintenance schedule to your advantage. Could you change a lightbulb that’s about to go? Is there a minor repair that coincides with a maintenance event you could also consider? This is where an experienced PC-12 owner can get the most bang for their buck. By leveraging expertise you can minimize timing and continue the momentum on your project. It may also prove beneficial while negotiating the deal!

4. Have a PC-12 pilot on standby.
You never know when contract details, legal issues or maintenance schedules will require you to move, literally. Know that you have an experienced PC-12 pilot ready to reposition the aircraft to keep the deal progressing on schedule. Plus, you’ll want an experienced PC-12 pilot to perform your test flight before you take ownership. No surprise here, we’ve performed hundreds and hundreds of test flights over the years — on all types and model year PC-12s. Find the most experienced pilot you can find for your project!

Founded In 2014, JetSwiss has seen more pre-owned Pilatus transactions than anyone in the world. That said, every situation is unique. We hope that this little overview will help you prepare for your Pilatus PC-12 purchase. And as everyone’s year begins to fill up, remember who you can turn to for any advice and assistance regarding pre-owned Pilatus sales, acquisition and ownership.