Pilatus PC-12/45



YEAR MODELS: 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

MANUFACTURER ENGINE: Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67B

PROP: Hartzell 4-Blade (5-Blade, and 7-Blade as potential upgrades)



If you are looking for the perfect pre-owned PC-12 to add to your fleet, look no further. Whether we have a Pilatus PC-12/45 currently in inventory, or in our back pocket, we are here to help you find your best aircraft match.

Produced from 1995 until 2005, the /45 is the foundation for one of the most successful business aircraft product lines ever produced. A used Pilatus PC-12/45 can be retrofitted with the latest avionics packages from Garmin, upgraded engines, propellers, etc. No two /45s are the same which make the aircraft a unique offering to the marketplace.

JetSwiss is the industry leader in pre-owned Pilatus Aircraft. In fact, 86% of our acquisition projects are private sale opportunities. If you want to know about our next PC-12/45 before it hits the market, please fill out the ‘Request more information’ button below, and Don Peterson or Scott Glenn will be in touch!



This /45 generation of aircraft can be more affordable than others in the lineage, due to age, service bulletin status, evolving components/systems, early years growing pains. If you do your homework (or allow JetSwiss to do so) you can find some fantastic aircraft in this model range. JetSwiss is the world-wide leader in pre-owned Pilatus aircraft projects. Our company is also the only group specialized in operating, managing, buying, and selling pre-owned Pilatus. We monitor the Pilatus market daily. Therefore, we have the most accurate data on the true market value for any Pilatus PC-12. Per the last 10 years of JetSwiss data, you can expect to pay $1.5 – $3.75 for a Pilatus PC-12/45.

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  • PT6A-67P Engine Upgrade: This upgrade replaces the standard PT6A-67B engine with the more powerful PT6A-67P, offering increased continuous horsepower of 200 hp), resulting in improved climb performance, faster cruise speeds, and better hot and high performance.
  • Engine Service Plan (ESP): Aircraft with active ESP from Pratt & Whitney, provide guaranteed long-term engine maintenance costs, budgeting predictability, and enhanced resale value.


  • Garmin G600TXi Touchscreen Flight Displays: Upgrade the cockpit with the latest in touchscreen technology, enhancing situational awareness and ease of use.
  • GTN 750Xi GPS Navigator: Advanced GPS navigator, offering superior navigation capabilities and in-flight weather updates.
  • GWX 75 Digital Weather Radar: An advanced weather radar, allowing for real-time visualization of weather patterns and improved safety during challenging weather conditions.
  • GFC 600 Digital Autopilot: A sophisticated autopilot system, providing smooth and reliable flight control, reducing pilot workload, and enhancing overall flying experience.
  • Garmin EIS


  • Refurbished Interiors: Updating the leather seats, sidewalls, headliner, carpet, etc. in an older model PC-12 can elevate the comfort and aesthetic of the cabin.
  • Various Seating Configurations: The Pilatus PC-12 offers a variety of seating configurations to cater to diverse needs, ranging from executive travel to cargo transportation: Executive seating, High density seating, forward-facing seating, passenger-cargo combination, Air ambulance, or full cargo. The most popular is the executive seating configuration. This allows for maximum comfort with individual seats facing each other, fold-out tables and reclining/rotating seats.
  • In-flight Entertainment System: Some aircraft are equipped with an entertainment system for passenger comfort and enjoyment on longer journeys.

Other  Upgrades:

  • 5-Blade or 7-Blade Propeller: An upgraded propeller offers improved performance, efficiency, and noise reduction.
  • LED Lighting: Upgraded LED lighting enhances visibility and safety while reducing maintenance requirements.
  • Speed Cowl
  • Sound Proofing
  • Wifi Systems
  • Airtext
  • Gogo/L3 Internet Systems

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