Friend of Bub Hotline

CALL 724-538-7947 (724-JETSWIS)

We believe that we have a great network of people willing to help fellow Pilatus lovers in need. If we can’t help, chances are we know someone who can. 


When To Call:

Stranded on the ground?

Questions about your aircraft?

Need a pilot in a pinch?

Wondering about repairs or service?

Just want to chat about what’s new in the world of Pilatus?

JetSwiss Aviation - Friend of Bub - Pilatus

Thanks for being apart of the FOB Network. Rules of engagement are as follows:

  • Participation in the FOB network is completely voluntary.
  • If you engage, expect return engagement.
  • Get the best by giving your best.
  • All “Good Dudes” and gals welcome.